Alignment and Balancing

We can fine-tune your car

If you notice that your car pulls to the right or left when you release the steering wheel for a short period of time, sovaldi you need verifi car alignment of your vehicle.
If you notice that your steering wheel vibrates or your car has noises in certain speeds, find you need verifi car balancing the wheels of your vehicle.
The alignment of the vehicle is to adjust the angles of the wheels, keeping it perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Already balancing a tire allows the wheel to rotate without causing vibrations in the vehicle at certain speeds.

The consequences of not performing the balancing or a procedure done poorly in the front and rear wheels are materialized by vibrations in the steering wheel is on the floor of the car, on the dashboard or seats in different speed ranges.
Balancing the four wheels is absolutely essential to driving comfort and maintenance of tire performance.